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In this assignment, you will use cost-benefit analysis and make a final recommendation as to whether or not the plan should be implemented. You will also propose a rationale for your recommendation.

Vila Health: Marketing Action Plan and Financial Analysis Overview You may recall attending team meetings where colleagues said, “I feel  this would be good for our patients,” or “I believe that this plan will  help to position our department as a leader,” or “if we could only get  this budget item approved, I am sure […]

Which of the following would the nurse also expect to find?

Question 1 A patient wants to know what can cause ACTH to be released.How should the nurse respond? a. High serum levels of cortisol b. Hypotension c. Hypoglycemia d. Stress Question 2 A student asks the instructor which of the following is the most potent naturally occurring glucocorticoid. How should the instructor respond? a. Aldosterone […]

Theoretical and Ethical

I need a 8 page paper. This paper is related to my previous paper and I will provide the paper once you accept this paper. The paper needs to be written in APA format.  For this assignment, you will be further defining your Phenomenon of  Interest within a theoretical and ethical framework.  The same  Phenomenon […]

The Research Process

The Research Process Instructions: Read an article published recently(less than 5 years) on a topic of your interest.  Provide the citation and a written summary of your answers to the following questions:  What is the research problem?  What is the purpose statement?  What were the initial hypotheses for this study?  What was the study design?  […]

What can you do to develop your individual power base?

What can you do to develop your individual power base? This week, you have heard and read about several types and sources of power. For this Assignment, consider your goals and how enhancing your own power may help you to achieve them. To Prepare Reflect on your personal current sense of power within your organization […]

Define the challenges in designing a Pay for Performance (P4P) program.

The U.S. healthcare system has been criticized for high-cost, inefficacy, and issues on quality.  P4P is an approach used to provide incentives to physicians and health care provider organizations to achieve improved performance by increasing quality of care and reducing costs. Write a three- to five-page double-spaced paper (excluding title and reference pages), addressing the […]


Having a is critical for the financial stability of an organization. Keeping track of how well the organization is actually adhering to the budget, and subsequent identification of why the budget numbers are being missed is equally important. Without this critical “why” piece, it is difficult to make the necessary adjustments to the budget or […]

Discuss the nursing care model from step #9, and how it could be implemented to improve quality of nursing care, safety and staff satisfaction

Observe staff in delivery of nursing care provided. Practice settings may vary depending on availability. Identify the Model of nursing care that you observed. Be specific about what you observed, who was doing what, when, how and what led you to identify the particular model Review and summarize one scholarly resource (not your textbook) related to the nursing care model […]

perform multistep calculations of FTEs and projection of future FTE needs for a selected nursing unit

 Description of the Assignment  This assignment is in two scenario-based sections each related to staffing budgets. In the first, the student will perform multistep calculations of FTEs and projection of future FTE needs for a selected nursing unit. The second section involves calculation of budget variance and its analysis. Each section requires supported written interpretation […]

Hospice Caregivers

APA format 1 page long 3 references  1 from walden university and please use one from the references below This is for a MSN degree Our team´s selected setting is Suncrest Home Care and Hospice located in rural Iowa.  The focus of our proposed curriculum is to provide hospice caregivers and patients with the education […]