The Nursing Process in Practice: Formulating a Family Care Plan


Case Study: Family Assessment

 Case Study:

Review The Nursing Process in Practice: Formulating a Family Care Plan, chapter 13, page 364.

 Utilize the Box 13-7 Family Assessment Guide, pages 364-368.


Chapter 364 to 368


Key Ideas

· 1. Family nursing takes place within the framework of the nursing process.

· 2. Family needs, style, strengths, and functioning are assessed with the Family Needs Model of family nursing. Families are assessed on several levels: individual, subsystem, family unit, and family–environment interaction.

· 3. The goal of family assessment is mutual identification of needs and care planning that includes both the nurse and the family. The success of family health care depends on setting realistic goals related to the level of family functioning.

· 4. Several diagrams help assess families. A family map diagrams the structure and organization of the family and its subsystems. A genogram identifies family facts and process, including illnesses and multigenerational patterns of relationships. An eco-map describes the energy exchanges between the family and the environment.

· 5. Analysis of family data helps the nurse determine family needs, family style, family strengths, and family functioning. Analysis of family data includes determination of the targets of care, nursing contribution, and the priorities of family needs.

· 6. NANDA International has specified several nursing diagnoses related to families, focusing on family processes and family coping. The Omaha System identifies family problems related to the use of social resources and the environment.

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