interpreting technical evidence from spectral imaging of paintings

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If I were to purchase one of the paintings, I would consider buying Edward Manet’s, a bar at the Folies-Bergere 1881-1882 painting (Martin & Jacobus, 2018). I find the painting more creative and communicative, more so when it can clearly show how the lady bar attendant can multitask in serving so many customers in the bar and, at the same time, calmly attend to a male customer seen only through the mirror. The painting shows resilience and hard work at the workplace, virtues that make consider buying the picture. The painting is as well very attractive and bright enough to be observed from far.

According to chapter 4 concerning the elements of a good painting, I consider color and shape as the elements of my personal preference. As rightly noted by Amato et al. (2019), a good painting should well-distinguished colors properly toned not only to serve its attractive purpose but also to keep the message ring in the viewer’s minds for as long as possible. Different colors are outstandingly distinguished in the painting to show the different objects in the painter’s mind. The colors are used to pass the message to the minds of the viewers. The shape of the painting is also a standard one because a painting portrait of 37.75 by 51.25 inches is not too big, neither is it too small. It is standard enough to allow the painter to express himself to the viewers.

Public sculptures have a great voice in public memory (Martin & Jacobus, 2018). The public sculpture that I have interacted with and has had a lasting effect on my memory is the Les Voyageurs sculpture in Marseilles, France. Any time I see anything to do with France, I think of the sculpture, for it reminds me of the serenity of the place, somewhere I would not think twice when allowed to visit again.


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