Compare and contrast culture, ethnicity, and acculturation.

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Points: 30 | Due Date: Week 8, Day 7 | CLO: 4 | Grade Category: Assignments

In week 7 or 8, FNP program leadership or senior faculty will give a live or recorded lecture on upcoming course requirements, including an introduction to the “Three Ps” (Pathophysiology, Pharmacology, and Physical Assessment) and the clinical course expectations. Students should attend the lecture live if possible (which affords them a chance to participate and ask questions) or alternatively, the student may watch the recording. The dates and times as well as zoom link and recording will be posted in this document:  LINK

If the link above does not work, copy and paste this URL into your browser:

After attending the lecture, or viewing the recording, please reflect upon what you learned and follow the directions below. This assignment has two parts; reflections and goals. The goals section has two subparts: 3P goals and clinical goals. They do not need to be in APA format, but please choose a format that is organized and visually pleasing. You are not limited to a word document; PDF and PPT are acceptable. Please ensure your instructor is able to open your chosen media if not PDF, Word, or PPT. This should be your original work, unique to you. Please work individually and do not collaborate with others on this reflective and personal goal-forming work.

· Reflection: 150-250 words

o Reflect upon what was learned and briefly write about your thoughts. Include:

§ What were you surprised to learn from the lecture, or what was new? If no material was new to you, what do you wish was covered instead?

§ Considering your own unique work-life-school situation, what are your greatest concerns or greater perceived challenges for the second half of the FNP program?

· Goals: (Separate from the above 250 word count)

o Considering your own personal situation and life challenges, provide three specific goals to help guide your success in two areas

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